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Completed 2017


A small but considered office constructed to help a young and unique company support itself through a period of extraordinary growth. The design comprises a variety of interlinking spatial elements that are presented in a focused palette of materials. 


Interior Magazine Awards
Winner - Workplace Category (<1000m²)

DINZ Best Awards
Gold Pin - Workplace Environments Category

Dulux Colour Awards
Winner - International Category



Garden Studio


Designed for a unique secluded garden setting, the studio design draws upon the romantic notion of the simple greenhouse at the end of the garden providing a place of calm and reflection. Alluding to simple garden shed forms and referencing historic greenhouse construction the studio seeks to blend into the surroundings by utilising mirrored cathedral glass panels. Taking inspiration from Impressionist paintings, these panels will give a pixelated effect, much like the brushstrokes of a Monet.






Completed as part of PAC Studio with Rory Kofoed in support of Kristina Pickford 


Home Magazine
featured in a recent issue





Designed to maximise an extremely tight inner city site, the house gradually expands and opens up as each level stacks upon one another.



Stairway Cinema


Completed 2012


Stairway Cinema was a site specific installation by Oh.No.Sumo Collective, that sought to activate a dormant street corner, by transforming it into amenity for the surrounding public. The aim was to socialise a very common act that was occurring at the busy nearby bus stops. While waiting people would often isolate themselves and retreat into video content on their mobile phones. The Stairway Cinema provided a means by which people could share videos with those around them.

Best Awards
Bronze Pin - 2012



OH.NO.SUMO was established in 2009 by James Pearce, Patrick Loo, Katherine O’Shaughnessy and Sarosh Mulla. Starting out as a creative outlet for four friends graduating from the architecture school, it soon transformed into a design collective exploring many experimental avenues of design and creative work.

Best Awards
Gold Pin
for Cupcake Pavilion - 2010

Silver Pin
for Paper Sky - 2010




Patrick Loo_1.jpg

OPL was established by Patrick Loo as a creative platform to develop projects that contribute positively to the physical and social environment around them.

Patrick is a NZRAB Registered Architect. He gained extensive experience within the commercial and transportation sectors while working at Jasmax where he was a Senior Associate. Following this he carried out stints at boutique offices PAC Studio and Monk Mackenzie, focusing on residential work.

OPL’s long-term interest is in how creative industries can strengthen and reposition themselves in an age of exponential change by incorporating strategies and processes from technology and science sectors. In support of this belief, Patrick is currently studying part-time for a Master of Commercialisation at the University of Auckland, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.



DINZ Best Awards
AGM Interior Awards
Dulux Colour Awards
AGM Interior Awards
DINZ Best Awards
OISTAT Competition
DINZ Best Awards
DINZ Best Awards
AAA Award

2018 | Gold Pin | Office & Workplace Environments| Crimson Education Office
2018 | Category Winner | Workplace Interiors (<1000m2) | Crimson Education Office
2018 | International Category Winner | Crimson Education Office
2013 | Emerging Design Professional Award
2012 | Bronze Pin | Exhibition & Temporary Structures | Stairway Cinema (Oh.No.Sumo)
2011 | 3rd place | in collaboration with Sarosh Mulla
2010 | Gold Pin | Exhibition & Temporary Structures | Cupcake Pavilion (Oh.No.Sumo)
2010 | Silver Pin |Exhibition & Temporary Structures | Paper Sky (Oh.No.Sumo)
2009 | Open Award | Cupcake Pavilion (Oh.No.Sumo)


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